Evelyn J. Bata

Evelyn J. BataEvelyn Bata, a clinical counselor and University of Maryland University College (UMUC) professor, is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP). She has taught at Columbia Union College, UMCP, on military bases through UMUC's Asian and European operations and, currently, in Adelphi. As a consultant to independent school systems, she has focused on multicultural studies and atypical careers for young women. She holds two master's degrees and two doctorates, in counseling, education, psychology, and gerontology. She frequently presents at national professional meetings.

Bata was an investment partner in Park Hotels. She was a director of Suburban Trust Bank and subsequently Sovran and Nations Bank of Maryland, where she advocated equitable practices for women and diverse groups. Bata was also the first woman executive vice president of the Prince George's Chamber of Commerce and president of the Washington Metropolitan Council of Chambers of Commerce. She served on the Maryland Department of Economic and Community Development Advisory Commission, the Maryland State Tourism Task Force, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Economic Development Council, the White House Conference on Small Business, and the Governor's Small Business Roundtable.

Bata has demonstrated social consciousness by improving the quality of life for others over the years in such roles as chairperson of the Commission for Women in Prince George's County, president of the Maryland Women's Political Caucus, president of Maryland Business and Professional Women's organizations, Special Advocate for Abused Children, Volunteer in Probation, and other volunteer roles. Her extensive involvement in human support services, fundraising, and philanthropic endeavors benefit many.