How UMUC Uses Your Social Security Number

Although the university assigns each student a distinct ID number (referred to as an EMPLID), which is used for most university functions, there are instances for which Social Security numbers (SSNs) are required. The university must use SSNs

  • For federal financial aid. (The federal requirements for financial aid are defined in detail elsewhere.)

  • For processing Veterans Administration benefits.

  • For processing military tuition assistance.

  • To produce a record of tuition payments for federal income tax purposes.

  • To process credit balance refunds through the Maryland Treasurer's Office.

  • To ensure that payments to accounts such as financial aid, credit cards, and tuition assistance are credited to the proper person's account.

  • To identify individuals, with some measure of certainty, so as to differentiate records of students with common last names and to avoid the creation of duplicate records.

  • To provide enrollment records to the National Student Loan Clearinghouse so that UMUC students with federal student loans borrowed at other universities can obtain "in-school deferments while enrolled at UMUC."

  • For processing University of Maryland tuition remission forms.

  • To retain prospective student transcripts when an alternative student identification number does not exist.