Faculty Resources

Guiding Questions for Developing Assignments

As you develop your assignments, consider the following.

  1. What course objectives do you hope to advance by the writing assignment? Choose significant course objectives from your syllabus.
  2. What learning or critical thinking do you expect students to do? Use Bloom's Taxonomy in Assignment Design for help with this question.
  3. What elements of the "writing situation" should be reflected in the assignment? James Kinneavy's discussion of aims of discourse in The Writing Situation may help with this question.
  4. What form should the writing take? See Types of Writing Assignments for suggestions.
  5. How can the writing process be segmented to enable feedback or additional instruction? How will you assess the process and the final product? Take a look at the list of assessment questions, organized by writing stage, in Assessing the Research and Writing Process.

External Considerations

  1. How will you introduce the assignment to students?
  2. Does the assignment require pre-teaching of course concepts, technical vocabulary, research skills, or writing skills?
  3. Will Information and Library Services need to be informed of your assignment, and will you need to schedule an introduction to the library for your class?