How to Avoid Plagiarism

Guidelines for Avoiding Quotation Errors

Guideline III...

Is the following statement true or false?

Citation is required even when you have acknowledged a source by using quotation marks.


The statement is true.

A citation provides the reader with the source of the quotation.

Guideline III: Provide a citation note whenever you quote a source.

Here are some examples of proper in-text citations:

In an article about the use of DDT, Fred Soper is referred to as "the General Patton of entomology" (Gladwell, 2001, p. 44).

In his article about the use of DDT, Malcolm Gladwell describes Fred Soper as "the General Patton of entomology" (2001, p. 44).


Quotation marks alone tell the reader that the words belong to someone else, but they don't tell the reader who they belong to, when they were said, or where to find the relevant text.

In the first example, the name, date of publication, and page number enclosed in parentheses —(Gladwell, 2001, p. 44)— constitute the citation.

In the second example, the author is named in the introductory sentence and so is omitted from the citation note.