Sample Executive Summary

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Next, you would inform the reader of the objective, or purpose, of the report. In the health benefits report model, this paragraph might explain how the report demonstrates that a change in the organization’s employee health plans would be beneficial to the organization. The goal of the report is to support a change in the organization’s benefits policy.

Then you might outline the benefits of the plan or course of action that you recommend. A bulleted list can be an effective way to state the benefits in a clear and concise way. Since an executive summary will not contain extensive data or details, this is an excellent way to summarize data in the report. For example, the organization should consider a change for the following reasons: 

  • The organization is currently spending an average of 32% of its annual earnings on benefits.
  • The current health insurance is unsatisfactory according to the employees, since the current provider has raised deductibles and reduced benefits.
  • A change to plan ABC from company XYZ would increase both profitability and employee satisfaction.
  • Better health benefits will also improve the company’s ability to recruit and hire talented job candidates.

Finally, you will want to conclude the report with a specific recommendation based on the information in the summary. The organization needs to switch to company XYZ’s health package at the beginning of the next fiscal year, since this will increase profitability and employee satisfaction.