Writing Advice Samples

Main Template

Dear [Student Name],

Congratulations on your progress in writing this assignment for [class]. [Advisors should feel free to add compliments, encouragement or other personal statements to establish warmth and connection.]

My name is [so and so], and it’s my pleasure to work with you today. 

You are welcome to come to the Effective Writing Center for help at any stage in the writing process, whether you are having trouble understanding an assignment or want feedback on a rough draft.  At the EWC we are attentive readers who help you improve as a writer by explaining and modeling effective writing skills. For a more detailed discussion of our services, please consult our Faculty Resources or Student Resources pages.


Advice Overview

Resources to help you revise your writing assignment are hyperlinked within this letter and in the More Resources section at the end. Before reading this advice, please review the writing that you submitted and have a copy handy. [Here the advisor may wish to preview what is to come in the advice, alerting the student to what will occur during the advising session and what areas will receive special attention.]


Assignment Requirements

Here the advisor compares the assignment requirements to what the student has submitted.
Some advisors use a table in this section that lists (1) each assignment requirement; (2) what the student has provided for that requirement; (3) what is needed, if anything, to fulfill the requirements. Example of an assignment table:

Assignment Requires

What You Have

What You Need











Thesis and Organization

Comments on the overall focus and arrangement, including introductory paragraph and use of headings


Development and Research

Comments on the use of supportive material in the body section’s paragraphs—their development, unity and coherence


Formatting and Citations

Manuscript formatting, documentation, and use of a style sheet (if applicable)


Grammar and Mechanics

Grammar, punctuation, usage



Good luck! As you continue your work on this project, be sure to:

  4. This section must include a list of action items for the student.


Writing Advisor

[Your Name]

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University of Maryland University College
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Adelphi, Maryland 20783


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