University of Maryland University College was founded more than 70 years ago to serve the higher education needs of working adults and servicemembers just like you. You're our foundation. Your needs are woven into everything we do, and they continue to drive us today. You're why we’re here—and why we've grown to become the largest online public university in the nation, offering the choice of more than 90 programs and specializations.

Education for Working Adults

Going back to school is an important decision. At UMUC, we respect your time, so let's get right to it. Here's why we think we're the right university for you:

  • When we say we're a state university with a global campus, we mean it. UMUC is a member of the University System of Maryland, and we've earned a worldwide reputation for academic excellence. We offer online courses that you can access anywhere, and we have more than 140 classroom and service locations.
  • Our 90+ degrees, certificates, and specializations are designed to equip you with real-world skills. Courses in our undergraduate and graduate programs are taught by professors who've been there.
  • We offer a truly online learning experience. UMUC courses are designed from the ground up to be collaborative online learning experiences that prepare you for today's digital business environment. Plus, we've replaced nearly every textbook with no-cost digital course materials to allow you to study from anywhere and to help keep your education costs down.
  • Your accomplishments and experience matter more to us than test scores. Our streamlined admissions process doesn't require the SAT or GRE, and we offer multiple start dates throughout the year, so you can get started whenever you're ready. Plus, you can earn credit for what you already know.
  • Serving the military is in our DNA. Sure, we know the ins and outs of Tuition Assistance and veterans benefits, but our commitment to you is so much more than that. We've been serving the armed forces since 1947, so we uniquely understand the challenges you face in earning your degree.

So, What's with the Name?

Our name doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. It's five words, and three of them seem to mean the same thing. We get it. Our name is a bit . . . awkward. But, it's an important part of our history, and it's tied to our mission. So let's break it down:

Most people are familiar with "University of Maryland." That part of our name essentially says that we're backed by the powerful reputation of the University System of Maryland. So, yeah, we're online but we're also a regionally accredited state university and stand by our global reputation for academic excellence.

But what about the "University College" part of our name? That's the part that trips people up. We didn't just tack random words onto the end of "University of Maryland." Seriously. "University College" is a British term used to describe institutions that bring all courses, programs, and departments of a university to adults on terms that work for them. At UMUC, we were made specifically to serve the higher education needs of working adults and transitioning servicemembers. We originally did that by becoming the first university to send professors overseas to teach in tents in Europe right after World War II. Today, we do it by delivering online programs designed from the ground up to be delivered to working adults wherever they are.

Taken together, the name University of Maryland University College means that we're part of a long, proud tradition—and at the forefront of a revolution in online adult education.