Data increasingly drives decisions in business, government, and nonprofits. A data analytics master's degree or certificate from University of Maryland University College can help you earn a seat at the table and lead your organization into the future.

Enter the Growing Data Analytics Field

From data management to predictive analytics, mining to modeling, UMUC's data analytics programs are designed to help you master in-demand business intelligence skills, acquire hands-on experience, advance your career, and open up job opportunities.

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With our Program Comparison Tool, you can evaluate as many as three degrees, specializations, and certificates side by side. Explore program descriptions, cost, transfer credit, program formats, course content, and more.

Why Study Data Analytics at UMUC

  • For your career: With your data analytics education, you'll learn to manage and manipulate big data to produce valuable insights, helping you become an indispensable resource at your company.
  • For your future: As the use of data analytics grows across every industry, UMUC's programs are designed to teach you sought-after skills, give you a competitive edge, and open up new career opportunities.

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