One-Year Master of Business Administration Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: As of Fall 2014, no new applications will be accepted for this specialization/program. Current students should contact their graduate advisor to go over their plan for completing the program requirements.

How is the One-Year MBA organized? How many weeks are the courses?

The curriculum of the One-Year MBA is highly integrated. There are two structural elements. First is a series of eight five-week courses that address the basic content and competencies of the MBA program. Second, there are three practicum courses that allow students to apply what they are learning in their content courses to their own organization. These practicum courses are eleven weeks long and run concurrently with the five-week courses. Students complete these courses as part of a cohort.

What is a cohort?

In the MBA program's cohort system, students remain in the same group throughout the entire program, allowing them to better create a network of colleagues and to form lasting friendships.

What do you mean by an integrated curriculum?

Since all students take the courses in the same sequence, the curriculum builds from one course to the next. What is learned in one course provides a solid foundation for what is learned in the next one. For example, in the One-Year MBA program, assignments in all of the academic courses focus on a single company case study to demonstrate the interrelationships that exist in business and in sound management practice.

How many hours per week would I be expected to work in this program?

The amount of time that a student will require to successfully complete the work will vary depending on the student's capabilities. The program is intensive, and we estimate that it will take 30 to 40 hours per week.

Will employers view this degree as less rigorous than the two-year MBA?

The One-Year program is a full 42-credit rigorous MBA program and covers the same core curriculum as in the two-year MBA. The same areas of study and the same learning outcomes have been redesigned into a highly integrated and efficient format.

I've been admitted to the program. How do I register for classes?

Once admitted, you will contact the One-Year MBA program department to request registration in the first set of courses. All registrations will be processed by the department. You will complete four courses in the fall and spring semesters and three courses in the summer. You may contact Erin Sanchez at or write to to confirm your enrollment.

Please note that after the successful completion of each course, you will be automatically registered into the next course.

May I repeat courses?

Yes. Courses are offered just twice a year.

If I have to withdraw from the program for personal reasons, when can I return to the One-Year program?

Enrollment in the One-Year MBA program is offered twice a year, in the fall and spring terms. If you need to take time off from the program, you can return to it at the beginning of the next cohort. You have five years to complete the MBA program.

What are the admission requirements for the One-Year MBA Program?

Admission to this program is competitive and is granted to students who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Possess a graduate degree from a regionally accredited university
  • Possess an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited university or college and certain professional certifications
  • Have an undergraduate GPA of 3.5 or above from a regionally accredited university and a GMAT score in the 75th percentile or higher

Admission may also be granted to applicants with a minimum of five years professional experience managing projects and/or people in an organization (subject to verification). Applicants seeking admission under this basis are subject to an interview (in-person or via teleconference) and must submit

  • A résumé
  • A biographical statement detailing how the applicant’s professional experience demonstrates his or her ability to succeed in a fast-paced MBA program
  • A professional recommendation

Are transfer credits accepted in the MBA program?

No. Due to the cohort nature of the program, and because each course is a prerequisite for the next course, the MBA program does not accept transfer credit.

When must my application package be complete?

All official admission materials must be submitted to UMUC's Admissions Office at least two weeks prior to the term start date.

Is an interview required for admission?

Yes. An-in-person or teleconference interview is required of all applicants.

How and when are admission decisions released?

Admission decisions are made upon receipt of all required documents. Applicants will receive an official admission letter from our Admissions Office.

Where and how do I check the status of my application?

Once you apply to the program, you will receive a student ID (EmplID) to access the MyUMUC Student Portal, where you can check your status online. You may also check your status by contacting Erin Sanchez at 240-684-2441 or sending an e-mail to

Can the One-Year program be taken online?

Yes, the One-Year program is offered completely online.

Does the One-Year MBA offer a specialization?

No. The MBA program is a general management program which focuses on enabling competencies such as team work, ethical leadership and critical thinking that capture important aspects of managerial decision making. Students who wish to focus on a specific field of study may pursue a dual degree by completing an additional eighteen credits in another graduate program. You may view a full list of dual degree options on the Master of Business Administration program page.

Who can I speak with about the One-Year MBA Program?

You can contact Erin Sanchez at 240-684-2441 or by e-mail at

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