Financial Management and Accounting

Advisory Board, Graduate Financial Management & Accounting Programs

Our Advisory Board is an external consultative body whose primary role is to keep the graduate financial management and accounting programs responsive to the changing work environment. It is composed of 8 members, all of whom take a special interest in UMUC's progress and growth.

Members come from the financial management and accounting communities, both public and private, and hold senior positions in accounting or in financial, technology, or executive management. The Advisory Board meets several times a year to offer guidance on the relevance of our curricula to current/emerging workplace trends; to assist UMUC in identifying appropriate target audiences and setting growth expectations; and to act as liaison between our programs and the professional financial management and accounting communities. We are grateful for the dedicated service of our Advisory Board members.

Current GSMT Financial Management & Accounting Program Advisory Board

  • Sarah Abedin
  • O. Anthony Avens
  • Scot Browning
  • James Demarest
  • Tyna Gaylor
  • Barton Groh
  • Najma Khan
  • Linda Kostic
  • Kimberly Palmisano
  • Angela Rabatin
  • Michael Syracuse
  • Angela Walker