The Center for Innovation in Learning and Student Success provides annotated bibliographies, literature reviews, and research papers on subjects of importance to University of Maryland University College's work to support innovation and student success.

Adaptive Learning

  • Adaptive Learning: Annotated Bibliography of Select Scholarly and Gray Literature References | Abstract: This annotated bibliography is targeted primarily to the practical information needs of higher education faculty, administrators, and staff from nontechnical backgrounds who want to learn more about the availability, classifications, and reported results of various adaptive learning courseware and platforms, with an emphasis on off-the-shelf solutions. Aside from recent meta-analytic studies and state of the industry reports, the references provided in this document represent a mix of scholarly research articles, conference papers, and gray literature, including vendor white papers published within the past three to five years.
  • You also can read a general annotated bibliography on adaptive learning that covers the following topics:
    • Literature reviews/state-of-the-art papers
    • Metadata standards and ontology design
    • Optimal learning path strategies for adaptive content delivery and navigational support
    • Intelligent tutoring systems
    • Gaming in relation to adaptive learning
    • Adaptive mobile learning
    • Wearable technology and sensors

Competency-Based Education

  • Competency-Based Education: History, Opportunities, and Challenges | Abstract: This briefing paper traces the evolution of competency-based education in the United States and abroad from early behaviorist models for vocational training through the more recent development and application of competency frameworks outlining what post-secondary graduates should know and be able "to do" as a result of their education. The paper also identifies factors driving the increased interest in CBE and explores the development and design of current competency-based degree programs. The paper concludes with a discussion of the challenges associated with scaling and sustaining CBE reforms.

Learner Engagement

Learner Engagement: Working Definitions and Measurement Instruments.

Predictive Analytics

  • The predictive analytics annotated bibliography covers the following topics:
    • Current state of learning analytics in higher education
    • Application concepts, examples, and emerging best practices
    • Maintaining academic engagement and learning momentum

Retention and Persistence

  • The Evolving Military Learner Population: A Review of the Literature | This literature review examines the evolving online military learner population with emphasis on current generation military learners who are most frequently Post-9/11 veterans. The review synthesizes recent scholarly and grey literature on military learner demographics and attributes, college experiences, and academic outcomes against a backdrop of conceptual frameworks addressing adult transition theory, learner persistence, and institutional responsiveness.
  • This annotated bibliography on retention and persistence covers the following topics:
    • Conceptual and theoretical models of student retention, persistence, and completion
    • Impact of online learning on student engagement and retention
    • Institutional practices found to influence retention and student success
    • Learning community
    • Effect of student goals, emotions, motivations, and self-regulatory behaviors on engagement and retention