Policy 152.20

Servicemembers' Opportunities College

Originator: University Registrar and Vice Provost, Student Affairs

Subject: Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC)

  1. UMUC participates in the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) program at the bachelor and associate degree levels.
  2. UMUC also participates in the SOC network programs offered within SOCAD 2 and 4, SOCNAV 2 and 4, and SOCMAR 2 and 4. The SOC network manuals list the majors available and the sites at which they can be completed. The availability of distance education should enable servicemembers to complete degree requirements from any location.
  3. UMUC-Europe and UMUC-Asia participate in the networks that are consistent with their contracts. Participation in the program implies compliance with the following SOCAD and SOCNAV policies:
    1. Offering classes at military installations and other regional sites to accommodate the military mission;
    2. Residency requirement limited to 25% of the program completed with the home institution, to be completed at any time in the student's program;
    3. Acceptance of non-traditional sources of credit recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE), including examination, correspondence, most military occupational specialty and military training course credit;
    4. A Student Agreement Form completed by both student and the academic advisor, which serves as an official evaluation and degree plan;
    5. Guaranteed transferability of courses in specific program categories between institutions offering a given degree program.(Transferability categories agreed upon by participating institutions in a certain degree program guarantees that a student who needs to attend an institution other than his home one can take courses in his program with no loss of credit.)
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Date 4/13/01 10/01/96