Policy 220.50

UMUC Students Who Wish to Attend Classes at Other Institutions, Including USM, and Receive UMUC Aid

Originator: Associate Vice President, Financial Aid

Subject: UMUC Students Who Wish to Attend Classes at Other Institutions, Including USM Institutions, and Receive Federal Financial Aid

  1. Introduction
    1. Students cannot receive federal financial aid at two institutions for the same period of enrollment. However, students attending UMUC and another institution may receive federal financial aid from UMUC based on enrollment at both institutions if they adhere to this Policy. UMUC will administer the federal aid based on the combined enrollment at both institutions. This Policy applies to all undergraduate and graduate financial aid students, including Alliance students.
  2. Purpose and Student Procedures
    1. To determine aid eligibility and to process aid for courses taken by a UMUC student at another institution, all courses taken at the other institutions must be pre-approved by UMUC for transfer into the student's UMUC degree program. Students must obtain the following from the respective offices:
      1. A letter of permission from UMUC's Student Affairs Office that identifies the course(s) in which the student will enroll and which pre-approves those courses for transfer to UMUC for application to the student's UMUC degree program.
      2. A UMUC financial aid consortium agreement, which is to be completed and signed by the Financial Aid Offices at both institutions.
      3. Proof of registration at the other institution.
    2. Financial Aid funds will be disbursed by UMUC to the student's account at UMUC. Any aid disbursed which exceeds UMUC charges will be refunded to the student. The student may use those funds, which are refunded to pay his/her charges at the other institution, or apply those funds to his/her other educational expenses.
    3. Students must notify UMUC's Financial Aid Office within 5 working days of any enrollment change, including course withdrawal at the other institution.
    4. Students must submit the grade(s) for the course(s) attempted at the other institution after completion of the course(s) to UMUC's Student Affairs Office and to the UMUC Financial Aid Office.
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