Student Testimonials

Read below what students are saying about UMUC's biotechnology courses!

BIOT 617 Advanced Bioinformatics

  • Learning a high level programming language in itself is a strong feature. By giving us access to the UNIX system and NOVA server, the course provided us with the raw material we needed to learn. The assignments I think are the strongest feature, as they allow you to get hands-on experience and to try out the various software codes (debugging them if needed).

BIOT 630 Introduction to Bioinformatics

  • It is very practical course. I now understand how to analyze and extract data for lab research.
  • It enabled me to learn a lot more about the subject matter because I had to do a lot of research in working through assignments. This gave me a better understanding of the subject at hand.
  • Fascinating, relevant subject...very glad it was offered in this program and [that] those outside of bioinformatics specialty were allowed to take it.
  • I felt like this course covered a vast amount of area and covered the impact of many Web sites previously unencoutered. I most of all enjoyed learning how to tap into resources that really helped me to understand molecular biology.
  • The strongest feature of the course is the ability to strategically lay a foundation to understand how complex computer models and algorithms are used to analyze data. At the beginning of the course I had no idea about any of the topics covered and now as we approach the end of the course I can say I have a clear understanding on how these methods are used and may be applied.
  • This course was a bit challenging and intellectually stimulating. It appealed to my sense in that it expanded the way I think about research and scientific process. I learned a quite bit that I'd never known before.
  • Its challenges your thinking and enhances your research skills. Real life examples used as projects are helpful to understand course material.
  • The course is technology-driven and enhanced by the framework provided.

BIOT 640 Social Issues in Biotechnology

  • This course was extremely well structured. The professor was very interactive, professional, and organized. He has an excellent command of the subject matter and a very pleasant demeanor. This was one of the most difficult courses I have ever taken, and probably the most rewarding so far.

BIOT 643 The Techniques of Biotechnology

  • The best features of this course were the numerous biotechnology methods that were discussed. It is always very helpful to learn the latest techniques that are being used in the "real world."
  • The information flows in a very logical order. Each week's material builds off of the previous week's lectures. Also, the videos were an excellent resource to provide further understanding of some of the techniques reviewed in class.
  • The course contained a huge amount of information, which was covered thoroughly. The references or additional reading materials were very helpful in understanding concepts.
  • Great course from the content and presentation. The openness of the classroom to accept a mistake, spacing of assignments, yet challenging foundation showed me how to perform under high expectations.
  • The weekly discussions were very helpful in learning about other people's opinions on a variety of hot biotechnology topics. I really enjoyed getting to talk with other students about how they feel and it helped me think about various issues differently then before.

BSBD 641 Biosecurity and Bioterrorism

  • It provides an in-depth look at biotech from the "other end" of the drug pipeline AND it encourages the student to consider not only the various types of businesses engaged in this sector, but also to take a look around the world.
  • The homework assignments were very interesting. I also learned a lot from the group project interaction. The instructor asked for feedback from the class and really considered our suggestions. I also liked his approach of building a biotech think tank where we had to apply what we learned.
  • It was very interesting and gave an overall perspective of  Biotechnology worldwide. SLD were the strongest because we could pursue topics that interested us.
  • The international aspects were interesting-there is so much growth in Asia and elsewhere--a real competition to USA. The sheer tonnage of industrial production of amino acids, non-pharmaceuticals, etc. was interesting since many of the student had pharmaceutical or healthcare research backgrounds.

BSBD 642 Advanced Bioterrorism and Biosecurity

  • Highlights include: The use of multimedia learning tools, high expectations from students and provoking assignments, including a challenging and utterly unique final exam.
  • There was so much information to soak up, but it was presented so well by the professor and his assistant that I felt like the world's most giant sponge.
  • There was so much information to soak up but it was presented by the professor and his assistant so well that I felt like the world's most giant sponge.
  • Conferences and interactions developed critical thinking. Textbooks and provided materials were extremely valuable.
  • The interaction between students was wonderful.

BTMN 632 Commercializing Biotechnology in Early-Stage Ventures

  • Very, very sharp and well-run course.
  • The instructor was prepared each week and for the course as a whole. I enjoyed the instructor's frequent participation in the weekly discussions and the weekly non-mandatory chat room sessions.

BTMN 634 The Selection and Evaluation of Biotechnology Projects

  • The group project was a strong feature of the course. The project brought team members together and gave an opportunity for more practice with important Project Management software.
  • This course gives you an in-depth understanding of how to execute a successful project.

BTMN 636 Biotechnology and the Regulatory Environment

  • Assignments challenged students to create a regulatory process from start to finish.