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Faculty and Administrator Resources
VAIL’s resources for faculty and administrators include: The Virtual Academic Integrity Laboratory (VAIL) is a portal for faculty and administrators in the development of strategic approaches to combat plagiarism and promote academic integrity. VAIL is a comprehensive resource on academic integrity that is easily accessible due to its web-based format and is open to anyone. VAIL includes guides, tutorials, bibliographic information, and survey research on academic integrity issues in higher education.

VAIL is a dynamic resource that allows for feedback from patrons via bulletin boards and chat rooms. These tools are available on the site so that colleagues can dialogue and exchange ideas about dealing with the various challenges that academic dishonesty poses for the 21st century classroom. Part of VAIL programming also includes online workshops that deal with facets of academic integrity such as enforcement of policies and assignment design. Ultimately, VAIL is, as the name suggests, a laboratory—a space where information and people interact to produce new ideas, methods, and research.

Faculty and administrators should use VAIL as both an educational and research tool. VAIL should be consulted for tips in academic integrity policy development, assignment design and resources on the plagiarism detection devices available for institutions and faculty. VAIL also assists faculty teach students about academic integrity and plagiarism issues. For example,

VAIL includes an online tutorial "The VAIL Tutor" for students. The tutorial consists of four modules that address the following:

  1. defining academic integrity, plagiarism, and cheating;
  2. tips for avoiding plagiarism;
  3. teaching proper documentation practices; and
  4. academic integrity policy information

Students are assessed on the information learned via an online quiz and students will obtain a certificate of completion for the tutorial. The VAIL Tutor is a convenient, simple way to expose your students to academic integrity concepts and approaches for avoiding plagiarism.


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