Cybersecurity Certificates

Graduate Certificates in Cyber Security

Move your career forward with a cyber security certificate.

UMUC's certificates1 in cyber security are designed for busy professionals seeking to develop expertise in the field, add to their credentials or improve their skills or job prospects.

Programs require just 12-18 credits and are available entirely online. Plus, all of the courses earned in UMUC's certificate programs can be applied toward a master's degree in cyber security.

Cybersecurity Management and Policy

The Cybersecurity Management and Policy Certificate examines strategies for responses to cyber security threats at enterprise and national levels.

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Learn How To

  • Assess organizational controls that can detect cyber intrusions
  • Respond quickly to cyber intrusions to restore the operations of an organization

The roles of government, inter-organizational alliances, and international cooperatives are explored, along with legal concepts such as privacy, intellectual property and civil liberties.

Cybersecurity Technology

The Cybersecurity Technology Certificate provides the technical and managerial skills to analyze cyber security threats from a variety of perspectives.

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Learn How To

  • Lead teams of cyber security professionals
  • Make strategic decisions to protect entities from cyber threats

The program focuses on coherent solutions, including the effectiveness of integrated and coordinated security measures.

Homeland Security Management

The Homeland Security Management Certificate is designed to provide the skills to manage and prepare response systems for a range of threats and vulnerabilities at the federal, state, and local level.

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Learn How To

  • Ensure business continuity, including disaster planning, recovery and response
  • Protect critical infrastructure

The program focuses on security policy, ethics and the legal environment.

Information Assurance

The Information Assurance Certificate provides a thorough knowledge base for managers and technology professionals concerned with the development and operation of secure information systems and the protection of information assets.

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Learn How To

  • Deal with theory and topical issues, both technical and managerial, in the fields of information systems security and overall information security
  • Navigate the policy, ethical and legal issues associated with information security.

The program focuses on principles of data protection, network security and computer forensics.

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