William C. Henderson II - 2014 FAC Representative

William HendersonE-mail: wilcovhen@gmail.com
Division: UMUC Europe
Category: Collegiate
Program: Business Administration, Law


Professor William C. Henderson II (Bill) holds the following degrees: Master of Laws (Highest Honors), Juris Doctor, and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. A retired Navy Lawyer, who served his last active duty tour as the Chief Military Judge for Europe and the Middle East, he has extensive experience in both criminal and civil law, and international business.

As Commanding Officer of the Naval Legal Service Office in Guam (Marianas Islands – Western Pacific), he managed a large office of lawyers and paralegals which served the legal needs of the US. Navy in the Western Pacific and Northern Australia. He also served as the Deputy Director of the Civil Litigation Division at the Office of the Navy Judge Advocate General in Washington DC, where he was charged with leading many lawyers and paralegals in defending the US Navy in Federal Court from numerous, and wide ranging civil lawsuits.

After retirement from the Navy, at Vinson and Elkins, one of the largest law firms in the United States, he was a litigation attorney and acted as the chief counselor to the younger and less experienced attorneys and paralegals. His international law skills were further honed during this time as he was one of the principal counsel defending the owners of the Piper Alfa oil platform that had been destroyed by explosion which, at the time, resulted in the largest claim ever presented to Lloyd's of London.

Prof. Henderson has been teaching both at the graduate and undergraduate level for 19 years, 17 of which were with UMUC. He has served as a member of the UMUC Faculty Advisory Committee for 2 years and as Vice chair of the University Advisory Committee for 1 year. He is married to Concetta Henderson and has 2 children. His hobbies are music (Jazz), sailing, and sports cars.

Nomination Essay

I believe that I have been a very effective Faculty Representative for the past two years. During this period UMUC went through a painful transition at the highest executive level. Despite this upheaval, we European representatives insured that you, our fellow faculty members were properly and fully represented. This active and effective representation resulted in increased flexibility in the classroom and on line, and much improved relations between the faculty and the administration culminating in a substantial housing allowance for European Collegiate Faculty and raises for European Adjuncts.

For more than 17 years I have been teaching legal and business courses at UMUC in Italy (Naples, Aviano, Sigonella, and La Madellena) and have visited and met with most of the administrators both in Adelphi, Maryland and in Heidelberg. My experience has given me a good, realistic concept of our position relative to Adelphi and I am certainly aware of problems which we need to address.

Further pay increases for our instructors are still one of my top priorities. I will also continue to look into the specifics of the DOD contract, respective SOFAs, and other agreements, with a view toward insuring logistic support is available to all those legally eligible.

An issue of abiding interest for me is insuring that UMUC maintains and promotes our primary competitive advantage, our quality. We are the best university available to our students and we should insure that they know it. The students should be made aware that a degree from UMUC is the most valuable degree they can earn while in an overseas environment and that future employers will appreciate that quality difference. Primarily, I look forward to continuing to work with you, my fellow faculty members, and will always be available to discuss issues which arise. I will continue to take all viable issues forward to the European administration and to Adelphi, if necessary, and do my best to get those issues resolved in our favor. If elected, I promise to continue to work hard to represent you, my colleagues. Hopefully, with the new developing spirit of cooperation, we can get things accomplished which were mere dreams in times past. My specific qualifications are available in my biography which is included.