James Kennedy - 2014-15 FAC Representative

No PhotoE-mail: james.kennedy@faculty.umuc.edu
Division: Graduate Adelphi
Category: Adjunct
Program: MBA / BEP


I have taught a diverse range of international business management subjects, including comparative leadership and management, corporate governance, strategic management, ethics and social responsibility, law and negotiations in the US and Europe. I currently teach MBA classes at UMUC, which I really enjoy, because the classes are holistic, often combining five or more subjects.

I first began teaching university English composition when I was still an undergraduate student. I enjoyed the experience very much and have found many opportunities to teach in the years since. As a JAG Officer, I taught soldiers and leaders military criminal law and the laws of war, and in the years since, I have taught complex financial subjects to bankers, lawyers, and executives, as well as mediation to teachers at all levels.

I have started and run companies and nonprofits, and served on boards of directors as treasurer, CEO, and executive director. I have advised CEOs and C-level executives as an executive in London, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and advised ambassadors and military leaders as an army lawyer in Central America and Europe. And I have worked for and with all three branches of government at all levels, including serving on a presidential transition team.

In addition to managerial and advisory roles, I have also worked pro bono to help people with legal problems, entrepreneurs start and run companies, and as an attorney-mediator, resolving a wide range of issues, ranging from family and school to complex commercial and governmental disputes.

I have lived and worked in six countries other than the US and visited more than 50 others. My degrees are a BA in political science from the University of Hawaii, a JD from the SMU Dedman School of Law, and an MBA in finance and international business from the NYU Stern School of Business.

Nomination Essay

I was born and raised in an "Army family" and my mother and brothers and I hopscotched around the world, following my father as he pursued his Army career. Both parents taught me the value of a good education, a life of public service, and the art of leadership.

I served as a JAG officer in the US Army, advising leaders on legal and leadership issues, often reframing "criminal cases" into leadership challenges.

Now that I am teaching at UMUC, it seems only natural to want to contribute further to our community as an Adjunct member of the FAC. I look forward to contributing in the FAC's main areas of focus: academics, communication, faculty, and governance.

While I arrive with no agendas, I do have a special concern for all adjunct professors and the full range of issues with which they find themselves having to cope. And in particular, for those who want to teach full-time, I am especially interested in working with the university and faculty administrators to develop a more clearly outlined path and  process for those who pursuing collegiate faculty roles at UMUC.

Having lived and worked for more than a decade around the world, I truly relish the full range of cultural and other indicia of diversity so often found among the students in my classes and among the faculty at UMUC.

I hope you will vote for me and support me so I can serve you as a member of the FAC.