Enzo Milano - 2014 FAC Representative

Enzo MilanoE-mail: Enzo.Milano@faculty.umuc.edu 
Division: Europe
Category: Adjunct


My lifelong dedication to teaching began right after graduation from the Università Orientale di Napoli in Lingue e Letterature Straniere Moderne (Oriental University of Naples in Modern Foreign Languages and Literature). The first part of my career was spent teaching English language/literature and French to Italian secondary school students and teaching Italian and French to American university students (through UMUC and La Verne University). In 1992 I took a sabbatical to teach 'Italian Life and Culture' at the University of La Verne in California. In 1997 I founded the British Language School of San Giorgio a Cremano which today serves an average of 100 students each semester.  We provide English, Italian, Spanish, and German language courses taught by certified native language instructors. In 2003 I added 'Business and Technical English' instruction to young job-seekers and providing English lessons to disadvantaged youth.

Thanks to my teaching and administrative experience at the secondary and under-graduate level in the American  and Italian educational systems, I have successfully owned and operated the school for 15 years. I am married to Antonietta Borelli and have three children, two of whom have followed me into teaching. My hobbies are rooting for the Naples soccer team and traveling.

Nomination Essay

I have always been a believer in the overall importance of the teacher in the learning process and have worked to make sure, both as a teacher myself and an employer of teachers, that the right conditions exist to make the educational experience rewarding for the student, the teacher, and the administration. I pledge to use my over forty years of teaching and business experience to advocate for those important conditions, in terms of pay, flexibility, reduced bureaucracy, and other issues as they arise.

I pledge to be available to listen to all concerns.

I shall make every effort to improve the position of UMUC adjunct teachers in prestige, salary, and responsibility.

Any educational process is based on student needs and necessities. It is also true that the success of any educational process is based on the quality of teachers, and that quality has a cost.

I will, from our position on the periphery, where a great number of faculty members teach, bring our voices to the headquarters where decisions are made. Some teachers feel very far from the UMUC institutional center and don't feel their voices can be heard through the official channels.

My commitment, if elected, will be focused on providing more involvement of the faculty with the UMUC headquarters. UMUC faculty members, even living far from Adelphi, must feel themselves as vital living cells of the organism. During my long service with UMUC I have unfortunately seen teachers who had been teaching years on end and when they left, they were not even given a simple "thank you" for their dedication and support. This should not happen in an institution like UMUC, which  is one of the most prestigious worldwide education organizations in the world.

A vote for me is a vote for improved communications among faculty and between faculty and the administration. I will work hard for you and represent your views to the best of my ability.