Pete Minetree - 2014 FAC Representative

Pete MinetreeE-mail:
Division: Undergraduate Adelphi
Category: Adjunct
Program: Homeland Security


My academic background includes a master's degree in International Relations from the University of Southern California and a bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Nebraska. I am a graduate of the US Army Command and General Staff College and the National Defense University, and have completed over three years of post graduate studies in national security affairs. After going on retirement status from the Army, my government service included the National Intelligence Council, the former National Warning Staff, the CIA, principle US representative to a European Union conference in Greece, and senior consultant to the Director, Federal Emergency Management Agency. My business background includes various corporations, as well as founder of Analytical Sciences Incorporated, cofounder of the National Institute for Urban Search and Rescue, and founder of the Wilson Institute for Humanitarian Assistance. I was a member of the National Defense Executive Reserve for 15 years, served as president of the Bath County Chamber of Commerce, as president of our local regional library foundation board, and as a member of the Bath County Board of Zoning Appeals. I am an EMT with our local rescue squad and last year had the memorable experience running for public office. I have been with UMUC for almost twenty years, my rank is adjunct professor II, and I have taught courses in business, management, fire administration, emergency management, and homeland security. I was on the faculty for the Excel Program for many years and am currently an evaluator. I was an active participant in the development of SEGUE and authentic assessment, and am a faculty mentor and have recently been certified by Faculty Development as a faculty coach. My wife and I reside in the Virginia highlands, where I participate every June in a triathlon.

Nomination Essay

I vowed when you first elected me to fight aggressively for greater recognition for adjuncts, and I believe I was successful. Working directly with the provost, we created the new adjunct II category, which included our first pay raise in many years. We also agreed in principle to increase the adjunct teaching load from 15 to 18 semester hours, and that has been approved and announced. I have worked on many committees on governance and academics, and in the process have come to know the senior leadership at UMUC. We planned for a phase 2 in the implementation of adjunct II status and that phase has not begun. It should include another pay raise (we are not included in the one just announced for collegiate faculty), the creation of faculty emeritus status, greater opportunities for participation in governance, and increased guarantees of academic freedom. If you elect me, I will work tirelessly to see each of these approved and implemented. I have also made a number of recommendations to the provost that would increase the number of SUS academic programs we are offering, and they are now under consideration. If elected, I will work tirelessly with her and others to see all of these issues come to fruition. Historically, change has been slow and frustrating at UMUC, but under our new leadership this is rapidly improving. I ask that you give me the opportunity to continue working in partnership with our new president, provost, dean, and the FAC to bring about these exciting changes, especially those dealing with the relationship between adjunct faculty and the administration. There is still an immense amount of room for improvement, and with your vote I strongly believe I can continue to make meaningful and measurable progress for us. Thank you my fellow adjuncts for the privilege to serve you.