Mervin Whealy

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Category:  Collegiate
Program:  History-Government


I have degrees from California State University in Education-BA, MA, Wake Forest University in history-MA, and University of California PhD in history.  Add to this record the Masters of divinity from Southeastern Seminary, North Carolina.  In addition to my employment with UMUC, I have worked full-time for several community colleges in Southern California, University of Nevada, and Towson State University.  Beginning in 1979, I have worked for the Asian Division for 19 years, the European Division for three years, UMUC stateside for three years, and Towson State University two years.  After serving six years in Korea, I have served in Japan and presently am assigned to Okinawa.
As important is my tenure with the Distance Education program, beginning in 1997, teaching classes in the Vietnam War, World War II, the Revolutionary Era, The Cold War, and the Gulf War.  Therefore, by experience and preparation, I am prepared to deal with the issues of employment with UMUC.

Nomination Essay

The rapid changes in higher education generally, and with UMUC specifically, makes it imperative that the faculty of the global institution is fully involved in the decision making process.  With the movement toward consolidation and uniformity, the faculty needs to preserve its professional prerogatives and obligations.  If elected, I intend to represent the interests of the faculty as well as the students—to preserve our traditional role of having active input into the areas of  professional responsibility.  Shared governance means that decisions regarding curriculum, course offerings, distance education, and course content must include the voice of the collective faculty.