Request Copying Services

Faculty Services and Communications is pleased to offer limited copying services to our faculty members. Our copy station is equipped with one multi-functional copying machine that can process moderately-sized printing requests.

Photocopying and Transparencies

Faculty Services can photocopy course-related materials, such as syllabi, quizzes, and examinations. Provide a clean, camera-ready master copy (either hard copy or electronic version) of materials you want to have photocopied, along with clear instructions (i.e. number of copies, double-sided). You can submit materials via e-mail attachment to Faculty Services and Communications at

  • Photocopying
    For e-mailed or faxed copy requests please allow 48 hours time. Materials of more than 100 pages will take one or two days longer. If materials are to be returned to you by mail, please allow 5-7 business days.
  • Transparencies
    Transparencies with black and white images that are designed in PowerPoint or Word can also be printed. Allow two business days.

Copyright Laws

When duplicating multiple copies for classroom use, Faculty Services follows these guidelines to ensure compliance with current copyright law:

  • The amount of material to be duplicated is sufficiently brief, i.e. not more than 40% of a single work by a single author.
  • The duplication request is for one semester only, with up to nine total instances of duplication within a single semester.

Duplicated material falling outside these guidelines, including illustrations, photographs, and cartoons, must display multiple-copy reproduction permissions from the author, artist, photographer, or publisher on the first page of the document(s) to be duplicated.

In lieu of obtaining reproduction permission for copyright materials, we suggest that you consider:

  • Presenting a single transparency for note taking to your students on an overhead projector.
  • Referring your students to their local library or to the web to find the identical, or a similar, document.