Email: How do I change my first name? (Staff and Faculty)

Staff and faculty who would like their University of Maryland University College email address to use a different (preferred) first name can follow these steps to submit the request via MyUMUC Portal.

In order for this change to take effect, the request has to be done through MyUMUC. After the change takes place your previous email address will become an "alias", therefore you will not need to worry about email delivery sent to your previous email account.

Current process: After you have selected and saved your preferred name through your MyUMUC account, your display name will be updated in 24 hours on Google and your email address will be updated on Google the following Friday. Please note that with email address changes, it will take up to 3 days for the changes to reflect on chat and chat might be unavailable during this period.

For Example: When you select a preferred name of "Mike" instead of Michael, your email will change to "Mike Last Name <>".

Staff and Faculty: Please note that changing your Preferred Name here will not affect your employee record in the following areas: W4, All Benefit Vendors, paycheck/pay advice, etc. or any other arena that requires the University of Maryland University College to capture your legal name. If you wish to change your legal name you must follow the required procedures noted in the Office of Human Resources Engage page for Stateside, or visit your division's HR department.

Step 1

Login to MyUMUC

Click on the To Staff Portal link if it is not your default portal.

Click on the To Faculty Portal link if it is not your default portal.

Step 2
Click on MyInfo tab.
Step 3
In the Personal Information section, click on the Personal Information Summary link.
Step 4
Underneath your name, click on the Change name button.
Step 5

Select Add A New Name button to advance to the next screen

Step 6

You can leave the default current day date that shows in the Date new name will take effect field.

Click on the drop-down arrow beside the Name Type field and select Preferred.

Type your preferred name in the First Name field.

Then click the Save button

Step 7

You should be able to see the preferred name in the list