Outlook 2003/2007: How Do I Create Personal Folder? (PST file)

Outlook 2003/2007: How Do I Create Personal Folder? (PST file)

Personal Folders are Outlook folders that reside on your computer (local) or on a network drive (G: or H: drive) instead of on your account on the email server. Storing messages in Personal Folders can help lessen your server account quota and enable you to better manage older mail.

Note: The local PST folders are only accessible at the computer that you create them.
Network accessible folders (in G: or H: drives) are reachable while away via a full outlook client.

To create Personal Folders, follow the steps below.

Note: The images below reflect Outlook 2007, but the instructions also apply to Outlook 2003.

Step 1

From the Outlook menu on the top, click File ? New ? Outlook Data File.

Step 2

If prompted, select Office Outlook Personal File (.pst) and click OK.

Step 3

Give the file a name, and then click OK (twice).

Step 4

You will see Personal Folders you have just created appear on the left folder list pane of the Outlook window.

You can now right click on messages or folder to move them to your Personal Folders.


  • Click here for more specific instructions on managing Personal Folders - PST files.

  • You can create filters to deliver messages directly to these Personal Folders upon their arrival.
    Click here for information on how to create rules/filters.

If you happen to have closed your Personal Folder and it is no longer visible from your folder list, you can always re-open it.
In Outlook, click through File ? Open ? Outlook Data File, then select the location & file name of the Personal Folder file you created.