WebEx: How Do I Create An Instant Meeting Using WebEx One-Click?

WebEx: How do I create Instant Meeting using WebEx Connect Account?

Step 1

Login to Cisco WebEx Connect Account by clicking on the desktop icon or by going to the menu Start > Programs > Cisco Webex Connect or if you are already logged in, click on the system tray WebEx Connect Icon

Step 2

Click on the Meetings tab > Instant Meeting button

Step 3

After initial setup process, Cisco WebEx Meeting Center window will open up with the Audio Conference Window at the top of the page like the one displayed

NOTE: Click on the Test speaker/microphone link to check if the Audio connections are functioning properly from the pc.

Step 4

Under Audio Conference – you have 2 options

1. Use Phone (complete the displayed fields) > click on Call Me
2. Use Computer for Audio > click on Call Using Computer

Step 5

Now click on the Invite & Remind button to invite participants to join your meeting.

Step 6

On the Invite and Remind window, enter email addresses of the invitees. Multiple emails have to be separated by commas or semicolons. Then, click on Send

Step 7

Now, invitees will get an email notification from you about the meeting in progress. That email will contain links for multiple ways to join the meeting.

  • Option 1: To join the online meeting
  • Option 2: To join the audio conference only

After selecting the appropriate options, the participants will enter their name and their email address and click on Join to join the meeting.

NOTE: There are multiple ways to start an Instant Meeting using WebEx, the other way is under the Contacts tab double click on the preferred attendee for the Chat window to open up. From the chat window, click on the Meet option (This doesn't automatically invite the attendee!).