WebEx: How do I Start Personal Conference Meeting using WebEx One-Click?

WebEx One-Click is a software that you can use to create a meeting, join a meeting or schedule a meeting. This applies to University of Maryland University College US Staff who have the WebEx One-Click software installed on their computers.

The instructions below will demonstrate how to schedule a meeting.

Step 1

Open the software by double-clicking the WebEx One-Click icon.

Step 2

On the popup window, click on Schedule Meeting.

NOTE: If this is the first time you access WebEx one-click, you will receive the prompt to login to your account. Click OK when prompted to log into WebEx account. Follow the prompts.


Step 3

Complete the appropriate information for the meeting such as the following:

Start time:
End time:

Invite Attendees plus other needed information.

Step 4

Click on Send to complete the invitation.

Note: If you are hosting a meeting, make sure to login to your meeting at least 5 minutes before in order for the attendees to join