Email Assistance: How Do I Schedule a Meeting Using iCalendar?

In iCalendar (iCal) you can create new calendars which can be used to organize event, training sessions or whatever else you would like. These calendars will be separate from your main calendar so everything will not be on one calendar but you can turn these calendars on or off at any time.

Make sure to select the correct calendar before creating your appointment. iCal by default will open with two calendars local to your machine, named Work and Home. Move the mouse to the section of calendars that corresponds to your University of Maryland University College account and select the appropriate calendar on which you wish to put the appointment.

Step 1
Go to the File menu and click New Event. Alternatively, click and drag the mouse over the section of the calendar where you would like to create the appointment.
Step 2
Double-click the New Event box on your calendar to display the information for the event.

Change the field at the top of the window to give the meeting a descriptive title.

Step 3
To create an all-day event check the all-day box.
Step 4
To adjust the date and time for the meeting, click the section of the from or to field that you want to change.
Step 5
To create a recurring appointment, click the repeat field and select the appropriate option. Select Custom to enter options to more finely control the details of the recurrence.
Step 6
Click the show as field to indicate whether your calendar shows you as Free or Busy.
Step 7
To invite others to the meeting click the Add Invitees link. This displays a field where you can enter email addresses of attendees. Type a comma after entering one address to begin typing the second address.

Note: If your Mac has Operating System X Lion (version 10.7) or higher, click on the Available Meeting Times link to verify invitees availability for the date and time you have selected.

Step 8
To reserve a conference room for the meeting type the name of the conference room in the invitees box (field).

Note: If your Mac has Operating System X Lion (version 10.7) or higher, a list of conference rooms starting with the letters you are typing will display.

Step 9
Type information (purpose, directions, etc.) about your meeting in the note field. The text you enter here will be emailed to meeting participants.

Tip: You can enter a URL, but it will not be editable from the web calendar client.

Step 10
Click Done (if there are no attendees) or Send to close the meeting and save it. Invitations will be automatically mailed out from the server if there are attendees. 
Step 11
iCal should sync the meeting when you close it. If this doesn't happen you can manually tell iCal to sync by selecting Calendar > Refresh.