Email Assistance: Error - Could not parse the login request

If you received an error message after clicking the Check my e-mail link for Students, Faculty or Staff on the E-mail at UMUC login page (,  you may not have access to that account. The following error message indicates an email account could not be found for the role you selected:

This account cannot be accessed because we could not parse the login request. We are unable to process your request at this time, please try again later.

Examples of situations that could result in this error include a faculty member clicking the Student e-mail link, and a student or faculty member trying to access e-mail before an account has been set up.

Please note: Student e-mail accounts are created after you enroll in your first class. If your class start date is in the next semester, please allow 24 hours before attempting to log into your email account. If your class start date is in a future semester, your email account will be available seven days before the class start date.

If you received this message after selecting the correct link and believe your account should exist, please contact technical support at 888-360-8682.