Email: How do I access email on my personal iPhone or iPad device? (Faculty, Staff)

In order to adequately protect University data, UMUC has selected a service called AirWatch that enhances security for e-mail and other collaboration tools on mobile devices. Faculty and staff can access their UMUC e-mail on a personal mobile device after installing the AirWatch Agent app.

Step 1: Open App Store on your device and search for the AirWatch Agent. Tap INSTALL.

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Step 2: Once the app is installed, tap Open.

If you are prompted with AirWatch would like to use your current location, you can select Don’t Allow as this is not required for the enrollment process.

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Step 3: Enter enrollment information.

At the Welcome screen, select Server Details.

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Enter the server and group ID:

  • Server:
  • Group ID: GoogleFaculty

Then tap Done or Next.

If you receive the Notice: A server with specified hostname could not be found message, select OK and type the server URL again.

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Step 4: Enter your information at the AirWatch Authenticate screen.

  • Username:
    • (Faculty)
    • (Staff)
  • Password: Your MyUMUC Password
  • Email Username:
    • (Faculty)
    • (Staff)
  • Email Address:
    • (Faculty)
    • (Staff)

Tap Continue.

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Step 5: After your login credentials are validated, you will be prompted with Terms of Use. Tap Accept.

No action is needed at the You will now be prompted to begin installation of the enrollment configuration profile screen. The app will automatically direct you to the next step - Install Profile.


Step 6: On the Install Profile screen, tap Install.

Tap Install Now at the Installing this profile will change your setting on your iPod. You will be prompted again to accept the remote device management module.


Step 7: If you currently do not have a password for your device, you will be asked to enter a 4 or 6 digit password.

If you do have a password for the device, please enter the same 4 or 6 digit password used to unlock the device.

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Note: Apple iOS 6.0 or higher requires a 6-digit alphanumeric or all numeric passcode.
This password will be used to unlock your device when it locks after certain time of inactivity.

Step 8: You will be prompted a second time to continue with the installation. Tap Install.

Step 9: Tap Done.

Step 10: Once the profile is installed, you will see the Success screen. Tap Continue.


Step 11: You will see Device Enrolled on the My Device screen.

Go back to your main screen and tap the Mail icon to read your email.

Step 12: The device is now enrolled in the console and should begin receiving emails in your email application.