Nova: How Do I Configure My Account to Run CGI Scripts?

Nova: How Do I Configure My Account to Run CGI Scripts?

NOTE: This procedure will only work for specific class accounts that have been granted permission to execute cgi scripts. Contact your professor if you need permission to run cgi-scripts.

To configure your account to run CGI Scripts:

Step 1

Nova> cd (Moves you to your home directory)

Note: If you previously created your www directory and set the proper permissions on it and your home directory, you can continue with step 5 below.

Step 2
Nova> chmod 711 . (don't forget the dot!) - (Grants group and world search access)
Step 3
Nova> mkdir www (Create a www directory)
Step 4
Nova> chmod 711 www (Grants group and world search access)
Step 5
Nova> cd www (Change to your www directory)
Step 6
Nova> mkdir cgi-bin (Create a cgi-bin directory)
Step 7
Nova> chmod 700 cgi-bin (Make sure group and world have no access to the cgi-bin directory)
Step 8

Place your CGI scripts in the cgi-bin directory. The permissions on the scripts MUST be 700.

For example:
Nova> cd cgi-bin (change into the cgi-bin directory)
Nova> chmod 700 myscript.cgi

Note: Depending on the script and what it does, some files may need a different permission level set. For example, if you have a script that writes output to a file, that file may need "w"rite permission.

Use a URL in the following format to reference a CGI-SCRIPT that is located in the cgi-bin directory:<username>/<script_name>

For example, if Godzilla had a CGI script called smash.cgi, he would reference it with the following URL:

The cgiwrap above may be replaced with cgiwrapd to be run with full debugging output. Also, you may use nph-cgiwrap and nph-cgiwrapd for normal and debugging use of CGI's that output binary data (e.g. GIFs).