Nova: How do I create my class account?

Students: Your instructor will let you know if you must create a numbered class computer account. You MUST be sure that you know your MyUMUC username and password BEFORE you attempt to use this procedure. 

Faculty and Teaching Assistants: Your accounts are created by the system administrator. Use chgpass to list your account(s) and reset your passwords. 

Create an Account:

If you have not already launched a terminal session, please do so first using PortaPuTTy. For information about using PortaPuTTY, please view Nova: How do I download and install PortaPuTTy? 

Step 1: Create a terminal session to the Nova server. If you are using SSH from the command line on a non-Windows computer (Mac and Linux) enter ssh and skip the next step. 

Step 2: At the login as: prompt, type newclass and press Enter. 

Step 3: At the Please enter your MyUMUC portal username prompt, enter your MyUMUC username.  

Step 4: At the Please enter your MyUMUC portal password prompt, enter your MyUMUC password. Passwords are case sensitive. The cursor will not move and you will not see the password as you type.

After a brief pause while your registration information is verified, the classes for which you are registered that require class accounts will be listed, and one of the following three messages will be displayed for each class during this newclass session:

  • Account not needed: No computer account is required for this class, or if an account is needed, it is not the type created by the newclass procedure.
  •  An account was created for you or you have previously used newclass to create an account for this class.Account already exists:
  •  An account will be created for this class during this newclass session.  Account will be created:

Step 5: Press the [ENTER] key to generate your account(s).
Account generation may take several minutes to complete, especially if there are other users accessing newclass at the same time.        


Step 6: The first time you sign into your account you will be required to change the temporary password that was given to you in Step 5. The password you choose must be between six and eight characters and contain at least one non-alphabetic character. It cannot be part of any word found in a dictionary.


  1. At the Enter OLD Password: prompt, enter the temporary password you were assigned in Step 5.
  2. At the Enter NEW Password: prompt, type  a password of your choice.
    • Password Requirements:
      • Must be at least 8 characters long
      • Cannot contain repeated characters - You cannot have more than 2 repeated characters next to each other within a password.
      • Must contain uppercase, lowercase, and at least one number
      • Must contain at least 2 uppercase alpha characters
      • Must contain at least 1 special character (such as a comma, dollar sign, plus sign, etc.- DO NOT use the @ character)
      • Cannot be derived from other words or found in the dictionary that is used
      • Cannot use a password that has been used previously.
  3. At the Re-enter new password: prompt, type the new password again for verification. The connection may be lost when you press enter, but this means it was successful. 
  4. Reconnect and log in using your new password.

Database classes that require Oracle access
For database classes that require Oracle access, your Oracle userid will be the same as your Unix account userid.  Your Oracle password will be the initial temporary password provided during the account creation. 
Changing your account password during the first login only changes the Unix account password, not your Oracle password.  After logging into Oracle with the initial temporary password assigned by newclass  you may change your Oracle password at the SQL prompt (SQL>). Do NOT use an "at" (@) character in your Oracle password.

  • Are automatically configured prior to the start of each semester and are linked directly to the specific class/section/semester.
  • Only remain active for the current semester and are removed within a few days after the last day of class to make space for the next semester's classes. Students are responsible for making copies of any information that they wish to save prior to that date.  Towards the end of the semester, a news item will be displayed each time you log into your account indicating the date that class accounts will be removed from the system.  Once removed, you will no longer have access to your account or the files that were on it.
  • Note to Nova Oracle users: Your Oracle password is also this temporary password, so don't throw it away!
  • The account name will be in the syntax of: cm325b04 (2 letters, 3 numbers, 1 letter, 2 numbers). The password will be 8 characters long and consists of alternating letters and numbers. Copy each carefully and then press Enter to clear the screen. If more than one account is created, the system will display a screen of information for each account.
  • Note: Additional access is automatically configured for those class accounts that require it (cgi, mysql, oracle).