Nova: Issue - How do I reset my SQL/Oracle Password?

Note: If you know your current Oracle password and would like to change it, you can log into your Oracle account and at the prompt type: password.

Reset your forgotten SQL/Oracle password:

Step 1
Reset your Nova password using the chgpass command. The chgpass procedure will change both the Nova account password and the Oracle password.
Step 2
Once the temporary password has been provided, log out, log back in, and you will be forced to change your Nova password.
Step 3

After successfully changing your Nova password, you can log into SQL by entering the following command on the command line: sqlplus

User-added image
Step 4
Use your Nova username and the temporary password issued in step 2 above to log into SQL.
Step 5

Once you are logged into SQL, issue the following command to change the password:

SQL> password

Note: Do NOT use an "at" (@) character in your Oracle password!