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Wireless Access: Issue - Connecting to UMUC-STAFF Network at University of Maryland University College sites

I am having trouble connecting to the UMUC-STAFF wireless network.

Note: Access to the UMUC-STAFF wireless network is only for University of Maryland University College faculty/staff using a University of Maryland University College laptop, and is only available at the Adelphi campus (SFSC & ICC buildings), Largo Academic Center or Dorsey campus.

All staff laptops should connect to UMUC-STAFF, which is designed to connect automatically after login into University of Maryland University College laptop login screen with your Active Directory (MyUMUC) credentials.

Troubleshooting Tips:

*Do NOT plug your laptop into the LAN cable going to your desktop or the port will be deactivated. Only plug a laptop into an available port, which may be found in some conference rooms.

  • If you have another utility managing your wireless settings such as Dell, Intel, or Broadcom, you can temporarily allow Windows to manage your wireless when you are at the location mentioned above.
  • If your laptop hasn't been physically connected to the University of Maryland University College network in a while, the settings may not have applied. You can plug in to an available* LAN cable connection at one of the designated sites and allow the laptop to reboot while still connected. (The wireless switch does not have to be turned on while you are performing this.)
  • If you use the VPN, it will not connect until AFTER you have logged in.
  • If you log in to a local account, such as TAD-Center, you will not have access to wireless network. An alternative is to use the UMUC-Extranet access