Nova: How do I set up FileZilla to connect to University of Maryland University College UNIX Servers?

IMPORTANT! Before you install or connect to the University of Maryland University College UNIX Nova server using FileZilla, you must know the password for your account on that server. When logging in through an SFTP client, the server will not accept your temporary password or an expired password. If you have problems connecting to your Nova account with FileZilla, log directly into your account using PortaPutty to verify your password is correct and has not expired.

Nova: How do I download and install PortaPuTTy?

Download FileZilla:

  1. FileZilla is a free secure FTP/SFTP program that can be downloaded from sure to download the FileZilla FTP Client and not the FileZilla FTP Server.

  1. Please select the file appropriate for your platform (Windows, Linux, Mac). You may be prompted to allow the file to download depending on your browser's security settings. Follow the screen's instructions to install FileZilla.

Connect to Nova using FileZilla:

  1. Launch FileZilla from the Start Menu.
  2. Open the Site Manager by clicking on the Site Manager icon.
  1. On the Site Manager menu, click New Site. New Site will appear under My Sites in the Select Entry pane on the left, rename New site as Nova.
  1. Under the General tab, type in the Host field.
  1. Enter the site settings. Leave the Port field blank and in the Server Type box, click on the down arrow to select SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol.
  1. Enter your login credentials:
    • In the Logon Type field, click the down arrow button to select Ask for password.
    • In the User: field, enter your Nova class account username.
  1. Click Connect.

When the Enter Password box pops up, enter your nova password. If you are using a shared computer, uncheck the remember password for this session box and click OK.

If an Unknown Host Key window pops up saying the server's host key is unknown, click in the box next to always trust this host, add this key to the cache and click OK.

  1. Once connected, use FileZilla as you would any other FTP program:
    • Expand the folder structures in the upper panes and view the contents of your folders in the lower panes.
    • The left side is local (your computer hard drive) and the right side is remote (Nova).
    • Double-click or drag files from one pane to the other to transfer between locations.
    • Right-click for more options, such as creating directories and setting permissions.