iPad: How Do I Setup and Use Calendar?

iPad: How Do I Setup and Use Calendar?

Calendar is an application available on the iPad. In order for the Calendar to synchronize with the UMUC Google calendar for a customer, the customer will have to setup his Google emails as described in the article iPad: How Do I Enroll My Device To Access My UMUC Email Account (staff) or iPad: How Do I Enroll My Device To Access My Faculty UMUC Email Account (faculty).

The following steps will help how to create, edit and delete an event from your iPad's calendar.

Step 1

Go to the Home screen and click to Calendar.

Step 2

To view all available calendars, select Calendars on the top left corner.

Step 3

To create an appointment, click on the "+" icon on the bottom right corner.

Step 4

Enter the following information:

  • Title
  • Location
  • Starts, Ends date and Time Zone
  • Repeat: if the appointment or meeting is a reoccurring event, this is the place to set that up.
  • Invitees
  • Alert: Setup this for Calendar to remind about the meetings 5mins, 15mins or other times before the event starts.
  • Calendar: To select which calendar should display the event
  • Availability: This area is to set the importance of the meeting
  • Notes
  • Select Done once all information have been entered.

Step 5

Once the event has been set, it will appear on the appropriate calendar.

Step 6

To edit the event, select it on the calendar and click Edit.

Step 7

To delete an event, follow step 6 and select Delete Event on the bottom of the menu.

Click Delete again on the second pop up.