MyUMUC: Password Requirements and Expiration

Password Requirements
Passwords must be "strong" to stand up to hackers and spies on the Internet. When creating a new password, take into account the following guidelines for "strong passwords."

  • Passwords must be ten (10) or more characters in length, it must contain at least 3 of the following criteria: 1 Uppercase letter, 1 lower case letter, 1 number, or 1 special character (!@^*%).
  • The alphabetic portion of a password, taken as a whole, may not be a dictionary word, a proper name, or your initials.
  • You can use a phrase to generate a good password. For example, in "I Love to Eat Hotdogs Everyday," use the first letters of the phrase, iltehe. Then apply capitalization, and substitute punctuation or numbers for letters. Your password might then be Il2e!E.
  • You can also use a common word as a seed for a password. By itself, "hotdog" makes a horrible password, but if you apply some of the tricks above (capitalization, punctuation, and misspellings) the result is a much better password: H0t!daWg.
  • You can also use a word, but substitute numbers for some of the letters. For example, by replacing the vowels with the number 7 in the word "Spiderman," the password could be Sp7d7rm7n.

Password Expiration
For the increased security of your MyUMUC account, your student password will expire every 90 days.

Changing your password frequently will add a layer of security to your MyUMUC account. The longer the same password is linked to a username on the Internet, the greater the likelihood that someone knows or can guess what it is. If you think someone knows your password, change it immediately. You should protect your password as carefully as you do the PIN for your bank card. Do not write your password where someone else using your workstation could easily find it.

You will receive an e-mail letting you that your password will soon expire. If you do not reset your password before the expiration date, you will receive an e-mail alerting you that you password has expired.

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