TK20: Introduction to UMUC TK20 Program

TK20: Introduction to UMUC TK20 Program

UMUC's Department of Education is seeking to be accredited byNCATE (National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education), and must show evidence of all NCATE Unit, Program, and Students Standards. TK20 software has been developed specifically for Teacher Education Programs and NCATE accreditation.

Through the TK20 HigherEd Application, the education department will be able to:

  • work toward NCATE and Maryland Department of Education accreditation
  • develop robust assessment, evaluation and data reporting
  • support continual improvement and growth of the MED (Master of Education) and MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) programs

About TK20 HigherEd: What is TK20 HigherEd?

CampusTools HigherEd is an online support system for colleges of teacher education. This program was created for the collection and evaluation of performance data for teacher candidates, and for overall management of academic activities at the college. It is included in Tk20's CampusTools suite of tools.

HigherEd is designed in association with distinguished professors in the field of teacher education. The system is derived from years of experience in working with NCATE, and with colleges of teacher education in the creation of electronic performance assessment and accountability systems.

HigherEd provides full support for Course, Program and Unit-based Assessments, Electronic Portfolios, Field Experiences and Clinical Practice, Surveys, Field Placement, Document Room, Report Generation and a host of other functions. It imports data from the Student Information System, including Praxis/NES scores, and combines it with assessment data to give composite reports for all activities.

Your HigherEd system is customized for your education with UMUC. The conceptual framework, artifacts, portfolio formats, transition points, cooperating schools, and various forms in the system are special to UMUC's teacher education program. The system contains extensive functionality for messaging, coursework, artifacts, portfolios, document rooms, surveys, and advisement.

Resources and Guides

  1. Complete HigherEd guides for students, faculty, and administrators are available at You may also select the appropriate guide for you from the list below:
    1. HigherEd Student Guide
    2. HigherEd Faculty Guide
    3. HigherEd Administrator Guide
  2. View the Higher Ed Tutorial at
  3. Students and administrators can view answers to frequently asked questions at