Nova: How Do I Configure My Web Authoring Software to Edit My Web Site?

Nova: How Do I Configure HTML editor Software to edit My Web Site?

To create your webpages, it is recommended that you use Web Authoring Software (Wikipedia links will open in a new window, and are subject to change) such as Dreamweaver, MS Frontpage, Netscape Composer, Nvu (KompoZer), or SeaMonkey - several of which are free and very powerful. Be sure the editor you choose offers FTP Upload.

NOTE: Before using a Web Authoring Software, make sure you discuss this with your instructor. Some courses do not allow the use of Web Authoring Software and you will need to use a text editor to create your web pages manually.

Regardless of which software you choose, it must be configured to publish to your Web site. Each program is different, but common locations for the Publishing Site Settings are in the Edit menu or the Site menu. These are the settings that you will need to provide:

Site Name:

My Nova Web Site or other name.


HTTP (or IP) Address of Web Site:

Replace username with the Nova username assigned to you.

Publishing Server (or FTP Address):

Replace username with the Nova username assigned to you.

Connect using or upload Type

The connection you use must be changed from ftp to SFTP for the connection to be established to Polaris. Regular ftp connections will be refused. When changing to SFTP, the port should change to Port 22.

Username and Password:

Enter your Nova username and password.