TK20: How Do I Send an Assignment or Project to a Student?

TK20: How Do I Send an Assignment or Project to a Student?

Assignments and projects will be created from templates. Once you have created an assignment or project template, you will then be able to send the assignment or project from the Coursework section of the side menu.

Note: The instructions below reflect how to send an assignment. Sending a project will virtually work in the same manner using the Projects link in the side menu of the Courses tab.

To send an assignment:

Step 1

Click on Assignments in the side menu of the Courses tab.

Step 2

The Assignments box will then be displayed. This is where you will see assignments that have already been sent or submitted. To send a new assignment, click Send under Assignments in the side menu, and Step 1 of the Send an Assignment wizard will appear.

Step 3

The courses you are teaching will be displayed by default. Check off the courses to which you would like to send the assignment or project.

To select courses that you are not teaching, click the Select More Courses link. Then enter search criteria for the desired course and click Search. This will bring up the Search Results box.

Check off all desired courses and click the Add button. After checking off all desired courses in Step 1, click Next.

Step 4

Select the template you would like to send and click Next.

Note: If you do not have any templates in your list, you will need to create one using Assignment and Project Template Builder, or you can use an Assignment and Project Template from the Templates section that is available in the side menu under Libraries, which is beneath the Courses tab.

Step 5

A list of all default assessors for your course will be shown in Step 3 of the Send an Assignment Wizard. You will not be able to remove the default instructor as an assessor. All assessors that are listed will be able to assess the assignment or project.

You will NOT need to fill in the checkbox to select an assessor – the checkboxes are available in the event that you would need to remove an assessor from the list. In order to remove an assessor, check the box to the left of his or her name and click the remove button which appears above the row of checkboxes. This will only remove the assessor for this assignment or project and will not change your list of default assessors.

Step 6

If you need to add additional assessors for this particular assignment or project, click add new in the Your Assessors box. Then enter the First Name, Last Name, and/or Personal ID Number of the desired assessor into the Search for Users box and click Search. The results will be displayed in the Users Found box.

Check the box to the left of the desired assessor and click Select. When you are finished, click Next.

Step 7

This step will enable you to send your assignment. You will need to do the following:

Enter an Assignment Name for this item (you can use the same name as the template or give this particular instance of the assignment its own name).

If a Grade Configuration is attached to your course, you will also need to select a type of Course Activity (the activities that are defined during the formation of Grade Configuration).

Specify a Due Date and Time by which time students should submit the assignment or project.

Click on the Select date link in blue to choose a date from an interactive calendar.


You can send an email to the personal email addresses of the students in the course to let them know that they have an assignment to complete in the HigherEd system. To do this, select Yes next to Send Email.

You can select more options by clicking the Advanced Options link.

You can enter a grade weight in points for the assignment.

You are given the option to send the assignment immediately, or to choose a date and time at which it will be sent.

If you answer "Yes" to "Automatically send this Assignment to students enrolling later, after its start date?" the assignment or project will be automatically sent to all students who add the course later.

If you click the select button beside "Add Reminder," you will be prompted to add a Reminder Message in the Send an Assignment box. From the drop-down menu, you can choose the amount of days before the due date of the assignment that the reminder will be sent.

If you answer "Yes" to "Do you want to be able to assess this assignment or send feedback at any stage?" you will be able to give developmental feedback to students while they are in the process of completing the assignment or project.

To send the assignment, click the Send button. Although you have clicked Send, the assignment will not be sent until the Start Date and Time, if you have chosen one. You can use the Back link to review previous steps, but you must return to Step 4 in order to click the Send button.

You will be able to send an assignment or project multiple times using the same template. You may prefer to do this if you are teaching the same course in different semesters. To do this, simply click Send under Assignments or Projects (whichever is applicable) and complete the steps in the Send an Assignment or Send a Project Wizard again. You can send assignments based on the same template over and over again.