Nova: How do I access my students' class accounts? (Faculty)

All faculty members have a student.list file in the home directory of their instructor class account that contains information for each student who has created a class account in Nova using the newclass command. This file is updated each time a student creates an account for the class. When students log into their accounts for the first time, they are required to change their password; the password stored in the file student.list is the temporary password assigned by the newclass function before the student has changed it. Instructors do not need a password to access their students' accounts. 

If you are a faculty member or teaching assistant and need to access your students' Nova class accounts, use the UNIX command PEEK. If you are not familiar with this command, please follow the below steps:

Step 1: Access your Nova Instructor or TA account for a specific class with PortaPuTTY.

Step 2: At the home directory you will need to read the student.list file to find the student's UserID
(password information is not necessary) using the cat or less commands. 
e.g.: Nova> cat student.list

Step 3: To access the student's home directory for that class you will need to use the UNIX
command PEEK (not case sensitive)

Warning: Once you have accessed a student's account using peek, any typing, commands,
or changes will be made as if the student is logged into their account.

At the nova prompt, type peek (space) student's UserID, and press  the Enter key.
EG: Nova > peek bi617a50


Step 4: To exit the student's account, type exit and press  the Enter key.

This will exit you out of the student's account and take you back to your own account
where you may access another student's account from
the student.list file.

To verify that you have returned to your account, type whoami and press  the Enter key.

Each class has its own student.list file. If you have multiple classes and would like to access a student's account
from a different class than the one you are logged into,  log out of the current class and log into
the other class to access the student accounts in that class.

Additional Commands while using PEEK

whoami: to verify your identity

Is –ld $HOME: to view permission on home directory

pwd: to view current directory path