Nova: Issue - Password Changes Do Not Work and Receive Protocol Error


Your Nova password changes don't work - Protocol Error


If you are attempting to use the chgpass or newuser command and it is prompting for a password, or cannot create or log into your new account, the most common cause is that the protocol version is incorrect. This may happen if the user downloaded Putty instead of the University of Maryland University College version of PortaPutty. 


The University of Maryland University College Unix servers only allow password changes and account creations to occur over SSH using protocol version 2. The University of Maryland University College version of PortaPutty is preconfigured to use SSH Protocol 2.

Try the steps bellow:

Verify the SSH Protocol Version:

Step 1

Open PortaPutty (or regular putty if you downloaded it from the Internet and configured your connection manually)

Step 2

In the right-hand window, select the server you are connecting to (such as Nova) and click the Load button

Step 3

In the left-hand menu of the PuTTy Configuration window, click SSH. This will bring up a new list of options on the right

Step 4

Under Preferred SSH protocol version, verify that the radio button next to 2 is selected.

Step 5

To establish a connection to the Unix server that was loaded, click Open and a black terminal window should open asking for your userid and password.

To get back to the window that had the different servers listed, click on Session in the left-hand Category list.