MyUMUC: How Do I Find and Print My UMUC ID Card/ Library Barcode?

MyUMUC: How Do I Find and Print My UMUC ID Card/Library Barcode?

To view and print your Library Barcode:

Step 1

Log into MyUMUC.

Step 2

Select MyInfo from the top navigation bar.

Step 3

Select ID Card/Library Barcode.

Step 4

Your UMUC Library Barcode will then displayed. Make sure to record your barcode.

Note: If you do not yet have an ID assigned, but are enrolled in at least one class for the next upcoming UMUC semester, your UMUC ID card will appear here once your library barcode is assigned. If classes have begun and you are still seeing this message, please visit for additional information.

Print a copy of your ID card, which you will need to present when taking exams at the test center and when checking out library materials.