MyUMUC: How do I assign an incomplete grade? (Faculty)

Note: If you need to submit grade changes for a previous semester, any changes after four months cannot be accomplished directly in the MyUMUC Faculty/Adjunct portal and requires approval from the Dean's Office. See the section "General" at this URL: Please contact your department academic director who will review and process any grade change requests.

Step 1

Login to MyUMUC and select To Faculty Portal under MyMenu.

Step 2

Select FacultyCenter from the top navigation bar.

Step 3

Click the Grade Roster icon for the class you wish to submit grades.

Note: To be able to submit grades, you must be staffed for the class, have Grade Roster access, and the Grade Roster was created.

Step 4

The Grade Roster Type is set to Final Grade.

The Display Unassigned Roster Grade Only checkbox allow you the option to only display the students without a grade.

Step 5

Select I (Incomplete); then the Incomplete page will displayed with the Incomplete Grading Policy at the top of the page.

You will only be able to select the grades available in the list, this is determined by the Grade Basis.

For the Grade In/Official both are displayed with an I.

Lapse Status - The system has populated the Lapse Deadline and a grade of F is displayed for the Lapse to Grade.

Step 6

Change the Lapse Deadline to a later date.

As soon as the Lapse Deadline is extended pass the Max Date, a pop-up message is displayed and the Lapse Deadline is highlight in red.

Step 7

After reading the pop-up message, click the OK button.

Lapse Deadline will still be highlight in Red to let you know this is still an error.

Step 8

Change the Lapse Deadline to an earlier date than the Max Date displayed. Once the Lapse Deadline is change to equal or less than the Max Date the field is no longer highlighted in red.

Step 9

Click the OK button without the Work Required field being populated, then a pop-up message will display.

Step 10

After reading the pop-up message, click the OK button to be able to enter the Work Required for the student. Please note there is an spell check icon next to the Work Required text box.

Click the OK button.

Step 11

In the next screen, click the Submit button.

Step 12

A Thank You message will display as a confirmation of your submission, select the OK button.

Please Note: To change an Incomplete grade to a letter grade, please review MyUMUC: How do I change a final grade? (Faculty).