MyUMUC: How Do I - Access My Class Roster (Faculty)

Your class roster contains a list of your enrolled students and their contact information. This information can also be found by going to your classroom and clicking Classlist.

Important: Class Grade Roster(s) are created one week prior the end date of the class.


Step 1

Log into MyUMUC and click To Faculty Portal under MyMenu on the left menu.

Step 2

From the top menu, click the FacultyCenter tab.

Step 3

In the Classes section, click Class Roster.

Step 4

Use the search features to locate the course for which you would like to view the roster. You can search by your instructor ID, Academic Institution, Term, or five-digit class number. Once finished, click Search.

Step 5

Select the desired course from the search results.

Step 6

On the Class Roster page, in the Enrolled Students section, you will see a list of students enrolled in the course. To contact a student, click their name in the Name column to open up a new message window containing the email address on file for the student.

Please Note:

  • Only students who are enrolled in the class appear. If a student has withdrawn, their information does not appear on the final class list.
  • An email address only appears for a student if they have specified a preferred email in MyUMUC.