Polaris: How Do Return To My Home Directory?

Polaris: How Do Return To My Home Directory?

There are times when you must be located in your account home directory of your Polaris account when typing commands. Examples of tasks that must be performed in your home directory are:

  • To configure your Polaris account for hosting a website – this includes creating a www directory and setting the proper permission levels on the home directory and www directory.
  • Setting up a forward file to automatically forward any email that comes into the accounts email address to another address the user owns

When you initially log into your Polaris account you are placed in your account's home directory

The following steps can be performed to verify your current location and move to your home directory:

Step 1

As you move around within the directories of your account, you can type the pwd command at the Polaris> prompt to display the "present working directory". This will show you the current directory path of where you are located.

polaris> pwd

If you type the pwd command while located in the www directory of your account, you would see something similar to:


In this example, this would be the path to the www directory for a student assigned the jsmith9 Polaris account.

Step 2

You can move directly to your account home directory from any location you may be in by typing the cd command at the Polaris prompt:

polaris> cd


Step 3

You can verify that you are now located in your home directory by retyping the pwd command. If you're in your home directory you would see something similar to the image to the right.

polaris> pwd

If you are a student, your results will include /users/student followed by the Polaris account you have been assigned.