Nova: Secure File Transfer Protocol Overview

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is the secure network protocol that is required for transferring your files over a connection to the UMUC UNIX server. This network protocol uses SSH (Secure Shell) authentication, which creates a secure connection in order to protect your account and the web content you store in your account. When creating a web page on one of the UMUC UNIX servers (i.e. Polaris, Nova, dbcourse),  transfer (upload) your files to the server from your local hard drive.

To use SFTP, UMUC recommends that you transfer your files using web authoring software that offers SSH/SFTP services, or a secure FTP client, such as Core FTP or FileZilla. Core FTP and FileZilla are secure FTP clients that offer an easy and reliable way to maintain your web page through secure file transfer protocol (SFTP).

All of these programs offer regular FTP connections as well as SFTP secure connections. Make sure the program you use is set to SFTP or the connection to the UMUC Unix server will be refused.

If using Core FTP, please see article: Nova: How Do I Transfer Files Between My Computer and Nova?

If using Filezilla, please see article: Nova: How Do I Set Up FileZilla to Connect to UMUC UNIX Servers?

A free version of Core FTP is available for download at
A free version of FileZilla is available for download at