MyUMUC: Information about Posting Final Grades

Entering Grades:

  • Grade rosters will be available in the MyUMUC faculty portal approximately two weeks before the end of the class.
  • MyUMUC requirements and recommendations differ based on your operating system and browser type. Consult the MyUMUC technical requirements at for details.
  • ALL CLASSES: Faculty must submit all final grades via the MyUMUC faculty portal within 72 hours of the last day of class. There are no exceptions. Faculty must contact their program chair in advance of the deadline to discuss any challenges in meeting the deadline.
  • MyUMUC times-out after approximately 20 minutes of inactivity. 
  • You must press Submit when you have finished entering grades in order for the grades to be recorded.
  • When issuing a grade of Incomplete, all fields on the Incomplete screen must be filled out. 
  • Grades will post to the student view within one business day from the time of submittal.  
  • Any student who attended the class but whose name does not appear on your grade roster may have not been officially registered for the class. Contact your program chair to confirm registration in the class.

  • The grade of Incomplete is exceptional and may only be issued to students who meet the criteria described in UMUC Policy 107.71.  Contact your program chair with questions about the criteria for issuing a grade of Incomplete.
  • The FN grade is assigned when the student registers but never appears in class, or when the student submitted early assignments, and then totally ceased attendance and participation during the first 60 percent of the class.
  • Contact your program chair with questions about the criteria for issuing a grade of FN. 
  • The F grade is assigned for failure based on academic performance or failure because the student totally ceased attendance and participation after the FN cutoff date.
  • In accordance with UMUC’s Faculty Handbook, a student’s final grade should not be changed unless the grade was miscalculated, an error was made on the grade roster, or the student received a qualified grade of Incomplete. Grade corrections must be submitted through a grade change to the grade roster within four months of the end of the class. If you are unable to correct a grade within four months, please contact your program chair.
  • Refer to UMUC's Academic Policies website for more information on grades and grading.