LEO: How do I add a post to a discussion?

Note: Students can edit but not delete their submitted posts.
  1. From the course home page, select DiscussionsNote: You may be required to click the My Tools drop down menu and then select Discussions
  2. Click on the link for a Topic title.
  3. To create a new thread, click Start a New Thread and enter a subject for your post. To add to an existing thread, click the Reply to Thread button. 
  4. Type your message in the content editor, or paste text from an external source. 
  5. To attach a file, select the Add attachments link. The attachment options are:
    1. Drop files in the attachment box.
    2. Upload to select a file from your computer.
    3. Record Audio to add a voice recording.
    4. Choose Existing to attach a file from My Locker or your Group Locker
  6. When complete, select Post. The post will be displayed within the discussion topic. (Note: You will NOT receive an email confirmation after successfully submitting your post. Students can confirm their submission was received by checking MyTools > Class Progress > Discussions immediately after posting.)
Note: Students and faculty can save a draft of a new discussion thread before publishing it by using the Save as Draft function, however, Save as Draft is not available when posting a reply to a thread. View LEO: How do I use Save as Draft when creating a discussion thread?