Important Information

Adjunct faculty, overseas collegiate faculty, students, and alumni transitioned to Microsoft Office 365 from Google G Suite on Thursday, September 5, 2019. Office 365 resources are available for faculty here and for students and alumni here.

LEO: How do I create an assignment folder? (Faculty)

Important! Remember to associate the assignment folder with a Grade Item if you want student submissions tied to an item in your Grade Book.
  1. From the course home page, select AssignmentsNote: You may be required to click the My Tools drop down menu and then select Assignments
  2. On the Assignments page, select New Assignment
  3. Under Properties, enter the Name of the new assignment. 
  4. Add student Instructions via the Instructions text box.
  5. Add an Attachment using the Add Attachment button or record audio using the Record Audio button.
  6. Select a Folder Type:
    • Individual submission folder: Users submit their own files and are assessed individually.
    • Group submission folder: Any member of a group can submit files to a group folder. Group members are given a common grade. Note: You must associate the folder with a Group Category.
  7. Select from the Category drop-down list if you want to assign a category. You can click the New Category link to create a new category.
  8. Select a Grade Item if you want student submissions tied to an item in your Grade Book. Click New Grade Item to create a new grade item for the assignment folder. 
  9. Enter a value in the Out Of field for the assignment score.
TIP: If you associate the folder with a grade item, maintain consistency for your students by matching the value of the Out Of field to the Grade Item's Max. Points value.    
  1. If you associate the assignment folder with a grade item, you can click Edit Display Settings from the Student View Preview menu to edit how grades are displayed to students. 
  2. Click Add Rubric to associate the assignment folder with a rubric. Click Create Rubric in New Window if you want to create a new rubric. You can also select an existing rubric and set it as the Default Scoring Rubric.
  3. Add student Instructions.
  4. Select Submission Options.
  5. Select Save and Close, Save and New, or Save to complete the process and publish the assignment.