LEO: How Do I - Define Analytic Rubric Achievement Levels

  1. From the Course Home page, click on Course Admin
  2. On the Course Administration page, under Assessment, click Rubrics
  3. Click the drop down arrow next to the applicable Rubric and select Edit Levels and Criteria
  4. Click on the Levels and Criteria tab. 
  5. Click the drop down menu next to the Level you want to modify and click Edit Level. It is recommended you start with the lowest achievement level and work up. 
  6. Enter the Level Name
  7. If you are creating an analytic rubric that uses a points coring method, enter a Score (points) for the level. For custom points, you may want to enter a different score (points) for each criterion. 
  8. Enter a Description of what is required to achieve the level for each criterion. Achievement level descriptions help evaluators determine which level best reflects a user's achievement. The more detailed your descriptions are, the more consistent evaluations will be.
  9. Enter a standard Feedback for each level. Standard feedback appears to users who achieve the level, and it is an easy way to communicate a rubric's evaluation methodology.
  10. Click Save.